TOMS RIVER, NJ – Mortgage Underwriter

Job Title: TOMS RIVER, NJ – Mortgage Underwriter


Family First Funding LLC is accepting applications for an experienced Mortgage Underwriter.  The primary responsibility of a Mortgage Underwriter is to underwrite mortgage loan applications and issue loan approval/commitment according to Family First Funding LLC requirements.  The underwriter is to ensure loan packages are compliant, sellable and insurable.  The underwriter may also act as a mediator between FFF as lender and Investor; escalating to the Underwriting Manager when appropriate.

Primary Responsibilities:


  1. Underwriter duties shall include without limitation:
    1. Underwrite 203K loans in accordance with FFF overlays, policies and procedures outlined by Director of Operations;
    2. Underwrite 203K loans in accordance with all agency guidelines and Investor Overlays;
    3. Perform industry-standard underwriting activities (e.g. reviewing income, assets, title, appraisal, loan application, etc.);
    4. Assess all risk factors of loan and ensure it meets guidelines;
    5. Report to Manager in regard to protocol and file escalation;
    6. Check for accuracy of all incoming loan information for file and report discrepancies;
    7. Ensure that all of the tax, title, insurance and closing documentation is in placec.
    8. Interface borrowers, loan processors, loan officers and underwriting in an effective manner;
    9. Review the appraisal to make sure it is accurate and thorough, so that the home is truly worth at least the purchase price on purchases and value on refinances;
    10. Maintain, understand and follow lender/agency/investor guidelines at all times;
    11. Underwriters to make sure all of loan factors meet particular loan guidelines
    12. Maintain dates in loan origination system pertaining to underwriting (as applicable);
    13. Submit mortgage loans to automated underwriting systems for approval within investor guidelines;
    14. Assure all FINAL numbers and information is updated in file and system prior to issuing a clearance to close;
    15. Ensure file compliance prior to closing being requested;
    16. All other duties as defined by Employer from time to time


3 Years Experience in:

  • 203K underwriting
  • Use of Encompass software


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